Montana's Labs


        Diamond R Kennels want's to provide your family with not only a healthy, hard working hunting Lab, but with a calm, family friend as well. Our goal is to produce labs that have a very athletic, American look to them and can be easily trained by even a novice trainer.

        Our foundation bitch, Diamond R Sexy Sophie, encompassed all the qualities we find ideal in a Labrador. Hard working, aggressive entry to brush and water, birdiness willingness to please, and an extremely easy going temperament. She was also very good looking (she had a reserve win,1st and 2nd her only three times to a show. Most importantly she had the ability to produce the same or better in her offspring.

        Sophie’s bloodline is one of very few chocolate bloodlines in the country to consistently produce top quality performance dogs that were still a joy to have in the home. At the time of Sophie’s death she was the Dam or Grand dam of over 40 performance event dogs.

        We select our stud dogs not only on their temperament, and ability as working dogs, but on their ability to pass on those traits. We don’t breed titles to titles, because at the end of the day most of us don’t need champions, we need a hard working hunting dog that is healthy, and a pleasure to have in the home as well.

       We produce all colors of labs which gives us lots of freedom in breeding. We concentrate more on breeding for working ability, conformation, and temperament. Line breeding is how we consistently produce top quality dogs, without crossing to close. Line breeding is best described by an excerpt from a Ducks Unlimited article:

           "Genes determine the reaction of the dog to its environment, as well as, confirmation and soundness. Genes are the building blocks of heredity and are passed from parents to offspring in a predictable manner. The topic of genetics can quickly progress into a lengthy discussion unsuitable for this article but one can count on knowing this—like begets like.

              Total outcrosses, matings of unrelated genetics, may produce the occasionally exceptional offspring, but this is an unpredictable undertaking. The only way to gain predictability of traits is to seek an experienced breeder with proven bloodlines which produce successful progeny. This will usually involve some form of line breeding. The mating of similar genetic relationships (line breeding) is conducted to intensify qualities within the line and to improve upon the predictable traits within litters.

               Line breeding is successfully practiced in all forms of livestock. Line breeding itself produces nothing, good or bad, it merely intensifies what is genetically there in the bloodline. Most professional breeders use some form of line breeding as soon as they find a successful combination. In other words, outcrosses, random matings, despite the parents' apparent abilities and or titles, will not assure that the traits of the parents will be passed to the offspring. Only line breeding can offer this possibility.” To view full article click here       

               A deposit is required to reserve puppy. Since our bloodline is popular across the country we recommend getting deposits in early as litters are spoken for promptly.   

         Our puppies come with a money back guarantee against genetic hip dysplasia or genetic blindness.


About the Owner, Austin Reyher

 Austin grew up in Belgrade, MT and has always been passionate about dogs, as well as an avid bird hunter his whole life. He purchased Diamond R Kennels in 2017 from the Rothing family and has been going a mile a minute ever since!  On a typical day you can find him cleaning dogs, answering phone calls, training dogs, or guiding fly fisherman and duck hunters in the Madison valley. He is looking forward to continuing the legacy of quality dogs that Pete and Tanya Rothing started back in 1982.

We are looking forward to the years to come for Diamond R Kennels, and meeting lab families from all over!

Our Roots

Back in 1982 Pete and Tanya Rothing started Diamond R Kennels. They wanted to produce not only sound, athletic dogs, but dogs that were easily trained by everyday dog owners. Through an incredible amount of work and research they created the Diamond R bloodline we know today. Pete and Tanya spent years competing with and training the dogs to prove their hunting ability and temperment, and it shows today, 35 years later in the quality of Diamond R dogs.